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From an over ten years industry experience, gained as a distributor of bakery before and as a producer of tortillas with Piadina Ambrosiana srl then, Ambropiada was born. Ambropiada is a point of reference distribution logistics and commercial center of tortillas packed in modified atmosphere and fresh daugh portions.

Thanks to a joint venture with an important and technologically advanced emilian laboratory that produces in our brand and on our recipe, we are able to meet the different realities of the sector, from end users such as bars, fast food, marketers, canteens, food distributors and wholesalers.

Our branded products are subject to strict quality standards, used in the selection of raw materials and guaranteed by our historical suppliers who, with their quality and professionalism, have contributed in recent years to the success of our products.


AmbroPiada di Luca Fornasari
Via Toscanelli 16, Buccinasco (MI)
Phone: +39 0245706249

Partita IVA 09267850965


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