Traditional Piadina

Codice Prodotto 01P-TR

"From the simplicity of an ancient Mediterranean recipe, the right food for all occasions"
  • Conservation: Fresh product +4C°/7C° - No Frigo cool and dry place
  • Weight & Formats: Ø 26cm/105gr, Ø 28cm/120gr
  • Pieces per pack: 5
  • Cardboard packaging: 10
  • Cartons per layer: 8
  • Cartons for pallets: 48
Cook the product on a non-stick warm pan or pan for about a minute, warming both sides. Stuff.


AmbroPiada di Luca Fornasari
Via Toscanelli 16, Buccinasco (MI)
Phone: +39 0245706249

Partita IVA 09267850965


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